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We design and manufacture a diverse range of products including:
  • Aluminium Scaffolding Systems
  • Low Level Access
  • Advanced Access Solutions
  • Boiler Access
  • Aviation Access
  • Accessories
premium scaffolding

Span 300, 400 and 500 are ‘Built to Rent’ high strength, high durability mobile tower systems with ribgrip cold­ formed joints.

The Span Tower range is designed and built for the construction rental market. With superb quality and strength, the rib-grip joint is three times stronger than welded joints offering unbeatable utilisation and a high return on investment. The Span range is the preferred choice for many of the world‘s largest rental companies.

User Type: Rental, premium contract trades, major contractors, construction

Strength: 5/5

10 year guarantee

optimum scaffolding

Constructed from lightweight aluminium. Suitable for rental and sales, the range features fully tig welded joints adding the strength and durability to deliver quality at an affordable price.

User Type: Rental, professional trades, contractors.

Strength: 4/5

Year guarantee: 3

trade scaffolding

The TT250 range is our most economical tower. With fully tig welded frames and a solid alloy construction, it will appeal to the trade and retail markets looking to own a quality but lower priced mobile tower. Available ‘off­ the ‘shelf’ and in a range of working heights.

User Type: Independent tradesmen, retail merchants, diy/home owners.


Year guarantee: 3

Instant Upright scaffoldings family

Scaffolds with cross-market capabilities

We design and manufacture products with crossmarket capabilities, providing our Dealers and customers with opportunities to both sell and rent to a wider audience. The versatility of the product range introduces capability for thousands of access solutions, from simple mobile towers to more advanced configurations allowing potential for growth and to secure profitable business across different sectors including:

  • Construction Rental, Retail and Re-sale markets

  • Industrial and Commercial

  • Aviation

  • Power Generation


City representatives

Premium Towers – Key features

1. Rib-Grip cold formed joints

2. Span Frame reversible multi-purpose frames

3. Adjustable Leg

4. Rhino Hook

5. Fluted frame rungs

6. TX3000 Platform

how we can make the difference

  • More than 60 years experience
  • International market knowledge
  • Volume Production Capabilities
  • Customer Service & Shipping
  • Customised Access Solution Design/Build Service
  • Engineering & Design resource
  • Local Sales Development
  • Local Dealer Support
  • Customer Plant Visits
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing Support
  • Building Business Together Summits & Workshops
  • Return On Investment Worksheets
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    Welcome to Instant UpRight!

    We are one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of Aluminium Mobile Towers and Specialist Access Solutions. In 1946 we pioneered the first ever adjustable aluminium mobile tower and introduced the market to the ‘cold-formed’ Rib-Grip joint. For more than sixty years we have dedicated this company and its people to design innovative solutions that provide a safe and efficient system of working at height.

    Today we have manufacturing plants in Europe and Asia and remain at the forefront of aluminium tower system innovation and design. We export our products and services on a global level through our international network of dealers and directly to the world’s largest rental companies and major contractor

    Start your project with us today for world-class towers designed just for you. Contact us now for more information!


    Instant UpRight is proud to be a global team of over 800 talented individuals.


    Our commitment to quality is unwavering at Instant UpRight. We take pride in adhering to the ISO 9001 quality standard throughout our manufacturing process and in the production of our exceptional products.


    Our products at Instant UpRight exemplify the highest standards of quality set forth by the EU and EEUU. You can trust in our commitment to ensuring that every step of our manufacturing process adheres to these rigorous standards.

    Instant UpRight International Headquarter, Riga, Latvia

    Instant UpRight International Headquarter,  Riga, Latvia

    Instant UpRight International Headquarter,  Riga, Latvia

    Instant Up Right China Factory

    Instant UpRight International Manufacturing Plant, Guangzhou, China

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to our FAQ section, where we answer some common questions that our customers have. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team. 


    On-site on 40 countries and on-line on www.instantupright.com 

    How to Request an Offer
    At Instant UpRight, requesting an offer is a simple and straightforward process. Just reach out to our dedicated customer service team and they will be more than happy to assist you. Whether you’re looking for premium towers, optimum towers, or trade towers, we have a diverse range of products to suit your specific needs. With our world-class towers designed and manufactured with excellence in mind, you can trust Instant UpRight for exceptional quality and performance. Contact us today and experience the difference for yourself!
    What Certificates Do Instant UpRight Products Follow?

    Our products at Instant UpRight are EU certified, conforming to the highest standards and regulations. Rest assured that our products adhere to the established norms, ensuring your confidence in their quality and performance.

    European Standards:

    – EN ISO 9001:2015 > Quality Management Systems

    – EN 1999-1-1 (Eurocode 9) > The Design of Aliminium Structures

    – EN 1004 > Mobile access and working towers made of prefabricated elements

    – BS 1139-6 > Metal Scaffolding – Specifications for Aluminium Tubes

    – BS En 12811-1 > Temporary works equipment. Scaffolds. Performance requirements and general design.

    USA Standard:

    – ANSI A10.8 > American national standard construction & demolition Operation – Scaffold Safety Requirements

    Australian Standard:

    – AS/NZS – 1576 > Scaffolding Australian/New Zealand

    Certification of Compliance:

    – TÚV Nord > Germany

    – OSHA        > USA

    Where Can I Find Instant UpRight Products?
    We have our own warehouses in Ireland, Spain, China, Australia, Canada, USA, and Poland. Additionally, we partner with authorized dealers in various countries and cities. Discover the closest point of sale near you for Instant UpRight products.
    Where can I find assembly instructions?

    You can access our simple assembly instructions by clicking on the following link INSTRUCTIONS MANUALS. Alternatively, you can watch a video of the assembly process on our YouTube channel. Explore these resources to easily assemble your Instant UpRight product.

    Standards and Certifications

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